Guerrilla Mixing

Learn to survive the worst conditions and get the best results. This course will teach you how to get the best possible mix, even with zero information or time to prepare by focusing only on the most critical elements and ignoring the rest. Plus, discover my two-handed mixing technique to maintain control of the show while you're still building it.

with Ales Stefancic - Gainmedialab

with Ales Stefancic - Gainmedialab

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Has this happened to you?

→ "I have to mix the local band at the festival without a soundcheck, because the main act's soundcheck ran long."

→ "When we got to the venue, the PA was not set up yet. The delay made us skip soundcheck and we had to start the show blind."

→ "We got into a terrible traffic jam on our way to the gig. We barely made it in time for the show."

→ "There was another event in progress at the venue, so we could only do a silent line check."

→ "My digital console's presets got corrupted and I had to start the mix from scratch again."

→ "The artist never shows up on time for a proper sound check."

→ "I spent the entire night putting out fires and getting yelled at by the artist."



What you'll learn in Guerrilla Mixing


The pilot course "Guerrilla Mixing" is a four-week online training course with four live group lessons and one private training lesson.

It is intended for mixing engineers who want to get more efficient when faced with less than optimal circumstances and learn new approaches to fast mixing with little or no time for preparation.

Each lesson will include a step-by-step guided presentation of building a mix from scratch, based on real-life examples. Here is a sneak peak of what the lessons will include (all lessons start at 1pm PDT (LA), 10pm (CET)) :

  • Lesson 1, September 17th: Prevention - strategies for avoiding stressful circumstances, how to get the right information fast and avoid stressful mistakes.
  • Lesson 2, September 24th: Verification and Console Prep - checklist of essential actions to avoid painful problems down the road, ensuring you have all your tools ready to tackle the task at hand.
  • Lesson 3, October 1st: Focus and Efficiency - techniques for quick monitoring setup, keeping focus on the stage and responding with the shortest path to the best outcome.
  • Lesson 4, October 8th: The Two-Handed Technique - how to keep control of the show and build it at the same time.


Most people learn this stuff making lots of painful mistakes over years of working on shows. The course will fast track your growth by connecting you with a dedicated group of peers in our private online community where you'll be able to give and receive support, 24 hours a day. Talking to your peers and discovering how they tackle obstacles we all face is both a fantastic learning tool and also a great networking opportunity that can open career possibilities. 

Private Training

In addition to our interaction during lessons and discussions, each participant gets one 30-minute one-on-one video call with me, during which we will discuss specific issues you might be struggling with and come up with tailor-made solutions for your work.

How does it work?

The entire course takes place online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Each of the four group lessons takes about 1 hour every Monday (see dates above). You get one 30-minute private lesson with me, where we discuss your questions and find optimal solutions to your workflow. All of the material is recorded and you get lifetime access to all of the course materials. 


What is Guerrilla Mixing?

We strive to have every detail sound under control. Careful microphone selection and placement, input optimisation, precise EQ and dynamics settings for best possible results. But for a lot of shows, there is no time to have everything setup correctly. You are facing a new band/venue/console/PA system and have little to no information to go on. Heck, there might not even be enough time to do a quick sound check. But you are still required to provide the best sound possible, even if you are working against the odds. That is when you have to get to work - guerilla style.

I have done a lot of these "less then ideal" shows. In fact, when talking to people, this might be the bulk of our work. So I had to develop an approach that gets the best result in the quickest manner. I have learned to strip down to the basic items, doing broad strokes to shape the general sound while still mixing the band. This pilot course is my way of sharing my experience with engineers that want to become more efficient, faster and with more consistent end result when faced with the unknown.

Money Back Guarantee



IF you are not satisfied after the first lesson, you get your money back

My intention is to provide valuable information that will help you get better results, allow you to have more fun and further your career. But I realise that not all teaching styles are suited for everyone. If you do not feel comfortable with my approach after our first lesson, just send me a message before the start of our second lesson and I will process a fast, friendly, no questions asked refund of your purchase price.


- FAQ -

How long is the course?

The course consists of 4 lessons, one lesson per week. You get lifetime access to course materials and 6 weeks of 24/7 support from me and a dedicated group of your peers through our private online community.


who do i contact in case of a question?

Me! Just send me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Will i get a certificate?

Sure. Better yet- you get to keep everything you learn ;)


Do I need to own a console for this course?

Absolutely not! This knowledge can be applied to just about any system and console out there. For console setup demonstrations and homework assignments you can use any free offline console software of your choosing.


Do I need prior knowledge of mixing consoles?

This course is aimed at engineers who already have prior knowledge of basic console routing, but is a great learning resource in terms of mixing strategy and approach as well.

What if I can't attend a lesson?

All lessons will be recorded, so you can access them anytime you want. And if you have a particular question about a topic, you can send it in advance to make sure it gets covered. You will have lifetime access to all lesson recordings.



- Let's Recap -

4 information-packed lessons

Real life application and tested strategies

6 weeks of support from me and a group of dedicated peers

Money Back Guarantee after first lesson

Lifetime access to all lesson materials