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I love working with Ales! His experience and depth of insight extends from mixing giant outdoor rock shows to singing fun tunes for children’s TV shows and he always has patience for my technical questions.
— Nathan Lively, Sound Design Live
I have been very impressed with the passion and meticulousness Ales puts into his profession. Plus he’s a great guy to be around which is equally important. It’s a pleasure to work with him!
— JOCHEN SOMMER, Technical Director - Europe, Adamson Systems
I hold Ales’ work and knowledge in high regard. His in-depth knowledge of all aspects of audio production makes him an indispensable part of our live shows. When he is in charge of sound, I can be at ease.
— Dejan Radicevic - Daisy Music Production, Siddharta management
I’m overwhelmed by Ales’ great sense for seamlessly combining two crucial elements of every live show: system engineering and live sound mixing. Deep understanding of both makes him one of a kind. Working with him is a truly enlightening experience. Each and every time.
— Ales Dravinec, ADRaudio



I am committed to exploring the wonderful world of sound in live settings and in the studio and sharing my knowledge and insights with all who share my passion. I will never stop learning, as I am certain that this is the only way to grow as a professional and as a human being; I will never stop sharing - it is my passion to engage with others who work in the same field.

About Me



I started out as a musician in a school band at the early age of 10. I was always the one that wanted the band to sound the best, even with the very limited gear and knowledge. By the age of 14, I was introduced to the world of music recording. Working in studios, the mysteries of sound became unveiled one by one and I started mixing and experimenting on my own. I also became a cable runner and hired hand for a local PA rental company and by the age of 17 started doing FOH mixing for local acts. I was hooked and it became my passion. Besides doing freelance live audio work, I started my path in the audio business by setting up my own home studio and getting my first job at a retail store, selling live audio and studio gear. Jobs have come and gone, but my passion for audio grew. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the renowned world acts, and am currently technical director and monitoring/FOH sound engineer for one of the biggest rock acts in my country, Siddharta. Currently, I am devoting my time to getting proficient at sound system setup and teaching audio techniques, tips and tricks.